Different technologies, same ingredients

Datum objave: 01. 01. 2005.

The discovery of electricity in the early 1900's made life much easier for the pasta industry. Machines were invented for mixing the dough and electrically controlled drying chambers were introduced. Pasta was no longer limited to warm climates and on pressing a button the quantity of pasta that had once taken a month to produce was obtained in an hour. Today pasta-making has become very automated. The whole process of reception of raw materials, production, packaging, and dispatch can be performed completely automatically by computers.

But the basic ingredients for pasta are still flour and water. Some good old things never change. Quality pasta is made from 100% durum wheat, milled into a produce semolina, especially bred for this purpose worldwide. The protein of durum wheat is mainly responsible for the cooking quality of pasta products: a high protein content and a strong gluten are required to process semolina into a suitable final pasta product.
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