Datum objave: 01. 01. 2005.

After this quick stroll through the centuries, we can confidently say that dried pasta is a culinary invention uniquely and typically Italian and whose preparation and consumption spread throughout Italy because of a combination of numerous events and historical-social conditions. At the same time, pasta appears to have been waiting patiently for the right time for centuries… the right time to emerge from the darkness as a simple primary food just capable of satisfying hunger to become a delicacy capable of pleasing the most demanding palate.
Today there are about 600 different types of pasta and almost every supermarket in every corner of the world offers a really wide range of products. New shapes are frequently introduced or revived. It is one of the most popular products in the world for sure.

However it is still the Italians who love pasta the most. They say that pasta is like poetry. They love it so much that there is even a museum just for pasta, the Museo Storico Degli Spaghetti in Pontedassio, Italy.

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